Moly-Borate-Azole-Polymer blend

EZ GUARD 8686 is a multifunctional, highly concentrated liquid corrosion inhibitor that involves a blend of several inhibiting compounds in one. When properly used, it will provide excellent iron and copper protection as desired. EZ GUARD 8686 can be used for various closed hot and chilled water systems.

EZ GUARD 8686 is environmentally friendly and protects both ferrous and non-ferrous system components. It is suitable for glycol solutions.

EZ GUARD 8686 should be fed neat as required via pot feeder, injection pumps or chemical proportioning pumps. The recommended feed rate for general systems is 2500 – 3000 ppm as it is a concentrated product. However, this feed rate can vary depending on system type and condition. Your Dimachem Representative can provide specific recommendations.

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