Nitrite based corrosion inhibitor (Nitrite %w/w 15-30)

EZ GUARD 8676 is a blended liquid corrosion inhibitor formulated for use in closed hot and chilled water systems. It is helpful in passivation processes to sufficiently protect piping and equipment from further iron and mild steel corrosion.

EZ GUARD 8676 protects both ferrous and non-ferrous system components. The formulation involves an azole component that can also protect it from copper corrosion. It is suitable for glycol solutions.

EZ GUARD 8676 is initially slug fed in at a rate of 5000 parts per million, according to the system volume. Subsequent dosage is dependent on total water losses and make-up requirements. EZ GUARD 8676 should be fed neat as required via pot feeder, injection pumps or chemical proportioning pumps. Your DIMACHEM Representative can provide specific recommendations.

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