RO and UF antiscalant


EZ GUARD 8665 is an anti-scale agent for R.O. and U.F. systems. It is a concentrated polymer blended together with polycarboxylic acid, HEDPA and a terpolymer. It is at a neutral pH for safety in handling and transportation. When used, water-formed deposits such as calcium and magnesium carbonates and sulphates will be effectively inhibited. Other salts such as silica and barium are also prevented from depositing in membrane surfaces.

EZ GUARD 8665 is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly product that is partially neutralized for safe usage. It is suitable for R.O. and U.F. membranes.

EZ GUARD 8665 should be fed through a pump into the system. Locations recommended are anywhere after the pre-filters and as far ahead of the membranes as possible. EZ GUARD 8665 should be added continuously on a proportionate basis, at rates of 5–10 ppm in order to optimize the dissolving process of the polymer in water. It should be kept from exceeding 10 ppm as this highly concentrated product could result in polymer precipitation and flow reduction. We recommend an initial feed of 5 ppm will small incremental increases if required.