Neutral cleaner descaler

EZ GUARD 8585 is a citric acid-based blended cleaner at neutral pH. It can be used for many different applications, including steel and copper corrosion inhibitors, foam suppressants, and dispersant-penetrant. EZ GUARD 8585 is mainly used in closed-loop applications in removing scale, deposits, and various forms of iron oxides.

EZ GUARD 8585 is effective in removing scale deposits in both open and closed-loop systems. As an acidic solution, the chelant properties also help with the removal of significant iron oxide deposits. EZ GUARD 8585 is a neutral solution so it can be disposed of to waste as is.

EZ GUARD 8585 can be fed neat as required via pot feeder, injection pumps or chemical proportioning pumps. As most cleaners are, it should be heated prior to injection to speed up the removal process. Feed rates will vary depending on the system volume, the amount and composition of the deposits, and the time available for cleaning. EZ GUARD 8585 is recommended to be diluted to a 1-5% solution in strength before feeding into the system.

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