Liquid sulfite 30% for steam boilers

EZ GUARD 8176 is a concentrated blended liquid oxygen scavenger formulated to control oxygen “pitting” corrosion in low and medium-pressure boiler systems.

EZ GUARD 8176 is catalyzed to reduce reaction time and enhance equipment protection.

EZ GUARD 8176 can be fed neat as received or diluted with soft water to any convenient strength. EZ GUARD 8176 is compatible with most other boiler treatment chemicals and can normally be added to a common mix tank. Feed rates will vary depending on boiler design and feedwater temperature. Where practical, treatment should be fed to the de‐aerator, condensate receiver (Shotwell) or any location before the boiler feed pumps. EZ GUARD 8176 should be fed continuously, proportionate to make‐up or feedwater. Sufficient treatment should be used to maintain adequate levels of oxygen scavenger in the boiler feedwater. EZ GUARD 8176 is approved for use in registered establishments.

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