Deposit control with fluorescein dye tracer Boiler Sludge Conditioner

EZ GUARD 8005 is a concentrated liquid treatment formulated to control solids deposition and scale formation in low and medium pressure boilers up to 900psi. EZ GUARD 8005 contains organic dispersants, sludge conditioners, phosphonates, sequestrants and anti-precipitants.

EZ GUARD 8005 has an excellent specific iron dispersant and sequestrant. In many applications continued use of EZ GUARD 8005 will also effectively remove existing deposits.

EZ GUARD 8005 can be fed neat as received or diluted with soft water to any convenient strength. EZ GUARD 8005 is compatible with most boiler treatment chemicals and can normally be added to a common mix tank. EZ GUARD 8005 should be added continuously proportionate to make-up or feedwater. Feed rate will vary depending on boiler design, boiler cleanliness, and feedwater quality. EZ GUARD 8005 is approved for use in registered establishments.

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