**EZ GUARD 7330 is only available for sale in Canada**

EZ GUARD 7330 is a nonionic, broad-spectrum, water-soluble microbicide for use in industrial and commercial recirculating cooling systems, air washers and pasteurizer systems. This isothiazolinone-based biocide maintains control of microorganisms at concentrations of as low as 1 ppm (active) resulting in the cost-effective application and reduced dosing cost. EZ GUARD 7330 is effective over a broad pH range and remains persistent in the water system providing microbiological control over an extended period. When diluted below use concentrations, EZ GUARD 7330 is readily biodegradable and is easily deactivated when necessary.

EZ GUARD 7330 is persistent in the water systems, effective at low concentrations, compatible with other inhibitors and effective over a broad pH range.

The dosage of EZ GUARD 7330 will depend on the application to be treated, the condition of the system and the volume of water in that system. As a general rule, badly fouled systems should be cleaned before the biocide treatment program is begun. Your DIMACHEM Representative can provide specific recommendations. EZ GUARD 7330 can be fed into systems using chemical-feeding pumps, drip-feed devices or dispensed in suitable measuring containers. EZ GUARD 7330 may be fed on a continuous or slug basis and should be added to the basin, distribution boxes or any other point where it can be rapidly and uniformly dispersed throughout the system. The frequency of addition will depend upon the amount of bleed-off and the severity of the microbiological problem. 

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