EZ DRAW™ KH213 forms a dry-to-touch uniform coating on the metal. It is not tacky or sticky and has no problems with stacking on each other. EZ DRAW™ KH213 completely eliminates the need for zinc phosphate/zinc stearate soaps in order to enable deep draws and does not require preheating or oven drawing.  EZ DRAW™ KH213 is especially good for deep drawn and complex part configurations. You can see the coating so you know it is present.

By Stamping parts with EZ DRAW™ KH213, customers have found die wear and maintenance can be reduced. EZ DRAW™ KH213 can reduce “between production run” die maintenance due to galling and can reduce or eliminate the need for chrome or re-chromed dies. Savings can be from $20 – $80/ton (blank cost). Eliminates costs, VOCs, and health and safety issues associated with wet press lubes.

In this image, we are seeing EZ DRAW™ KH213 being applied at an automotive parts plant that makes full-sized truck bumpers in a roll coater. The KH213 was fed to the roll coater from a small ~200USG side tank. The EZ DRAW™ KH213 film comes out smooth and dry and uniform. It is very easy to apply consistently and fast.

EZ DRAW™ KH213 can be easily applied using a coil roll coater. An applied dry coating of EZ DRAW™ KH213 is approximately 400mf/ft2.

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