EZ Cool Sol coolant is a blend of quality oils emulsifiers and inhibitors. It is used in machining grinding roll forming and of most metals. It contains no chlorine.


– Excellent corrosion protection for parts and machine

– Allows metal fines to fall out quickly and splits out tramp oils with ease

– Good detergency to keep wheels open in grinding for less dressing

– Safe on steel aluminium brass and copper

– Excellent bio resistance

– Contains no phenols

Always blend EZ Cool Sol by adding the EZ Cool Sol to water with agitation.


EZ Cool Synthetic should be used at a concentration range of 3% to 6% by volume.

Machining/Roll Forming:

EZ Cool Synthetic should be used at a concentration range of 5% to 7% by volume.


– Do not use soluble oils in machines where leakage of the coolant into the machine lubricating system can occur.

– EZ Cool Sol is not recommended for use on magnesium.

– Monitor biological counts and pH of coolant on a weekly basis. Adjust if necessary with pH Adjuster as needed to maintain long sump life.

– All products necessary to control and monitor the EZ Cool Sol bath are available from Dimachem. This includes pH Papers, pH Adjuster, Bacteria Sticks and Grotan.


The recommended pH range of an operating bath of EZ Cool Sol is 8.5 – 9.5. The pH should be checked using pH Papers or a calibrated pH meter. The pH of an operating bath may drop from operation and/or any growth of bacteria.

The bacteria level should be checked using Bacteria Sticks and kept below 10.The bacteria will tend to form in machines that are left stagnant for long periods of time. The bacteria can be reduced by 100ppm additions of Grotan.


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