EZ COOL CUTTING FLUID is a fully synthetic general-purpose machining and grinding fluid formulated to provide excellent corrosion protection at low use levels with cooling properties.

EZ COOL CUTTING FLUID yields excellent wheel and tool life and improved part finishes on a broad variety of ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.


– Extends tool life

– Easy to maintain – keeps machine clean

– Less wheel dressing

– Translucent see‐through solution

– Hard water stable

– No oily mess

– Water Soluble

– Provides in‐process rust protection on parts and machine tools

– Biodegradable

– Low operating cost

– No foaming

– Contains no phenols, halogens, PCMC, phosphates, nitrates, or nitrites

– Floats tramp oils

– Grinding fines settle rapidly

EZ COOL CUTTING FLUID has applications in cutting, grinding, turning, boring, drilling, reaming and milling operations. Consult your Dimachem representative for specific use directions. EZ COOL CUTTING FLUID is normally used as a 2 – 10% (v/v) operating solution. Dilutions will vary depending upon type of operation and severity. Always start with a clean sump. A complete sump maintenance program is also available from your Dimachem representative.


The pH of the coolant bath should be maintained at 8.5 – 9.5 and should be measured regularly using either a calibrated pH meter or pH Papers. Regular additions of EZ COOL CUTTING FLUID to the sump should maintain the pH within range. If there is a situation where the Total Alkalinity is within specification, but the pH is too low, make 100ppm additions of pH Reserve to increase the pH into specification. In general, if repeated pH adjustments are required, there is likely a bacterial growth issue, which should be addressed first instead of continually adjusting the pH. The bacteria levels should be checked periodically using BF Indicators and kept below 10°. Regular additions of EZ COOL CUTTING FLUID to the sump should prevent bacteria growth. However, if there is a situation where bacteria growth is occurring, make 100ppm additions of Grotan BK to reduce the bacteria level. The additions of EZ COOL CUTTING FLUID should be made based on the Total Alkalinity of the bath.


Always blend EZ COOL CUTTING FLUID by adding the EZ COOL CUTTING FLUID to water with agitation + the first paragraph only (non-need to show the control procedure. EZ COOL CUTTING FLUID should be used at a concentration range of 5% to 10% by volume. Ask your Dimachem technical representative for a dilution recommendation

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