Drum Pump Set for acids and alkalies c/w Model B36 motor with 16 ft cord Sealless polypropylene pump tube 39″ long with high volume rotor, Hastelloy C shaft c/w PP Barrel Adaptor, 1″ PVDF Nozzle with swivel, 8′ Chemical Hose, Hose Clamps, Wall Hanger.

Capacity: 45 GPM,
Max. head: 33 ft., Max. S.G. 1.5, Max.
Viscosity: 600 CPS Max.

– Suitable for corrosive and neutral, thin-bodied up to slightly viscous liquids in non-explosive areas

– Optional with electric or air-driven motors

– No grease fillings

– Optimized drum drainage

– Modular, service-friendly design

Use for product transfer, then flush with water and hang to dry.

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