Dishwash It is an economical, multi-purpose detergent for use with commercial automatic dish wash, tray wash, and glass wash machines.

Its low-foaming cleaning power makes Dishwash It is ideal for floor scrubbing and pressure washing when a heavy-duty, low foaming detergent is required.

Dishwash It rapidly breaks down grease, starch and protein. It also contains ingredients to minimize the chemical effect of the wash solution on tableware, giving tableware a longer service life.

For Industrial, Institutional and Food Plant use only.

– Economical, multi-purpose detergent for use with commercial dishwashing machines

– Highly effective, economical cleaner

– Low foam action

– Removes all organic soils

Automatic Machines: place the chemical line into a container and consult your Dimachem Representative for calibration ratio based on soft/hard water conditions. Recommended temperature of operation: 65°C. Food contact surfaces are to be rinsed with potable water before re-use. DO NOT USE ON ALUMINUM

Contains trisodium nitrilotriacetate, caustic soda, surfactant and water.