DISHWASH IT – ULTRA is a highly concentrated commercial dishwasher detergent. It contains a high proportion of water softeners making it suitable for use in very hard water areas.

It is suitable for use in all industrial automatic dishwashers. Because it contains so much water- softener it protects the machine by minimizing lime-scale build-up.

DISHWASH IT – ULTRA is a strongly alkaline product and is suitable for use in situations where the minimum wash time is available. DISHWASH IT – ULTRA rapidly breaks down grease, starch and protein. It also contains ingredients to minimize any chemical effect of the wash solution on crockery, giving crockery a longer service life.

For all types of automatic commercial dishwashers

– Proven performance on heavily soiled tableware

– Specially recommended for hard water areas

– For Industrial, Institutional and Food Plant use only.

See your Dimachem Representative for proper dosing settings. Recommended dosing: Set automatic dispensing pump to deliver 1/3oz per gallon (2gm/litre) of water. Recommend- ed water temperatures 60°-65°C. Addition of RINSE IT to the rinse cycle speeds drying and ensures sparkling results.

Caution: Do not use on aluminum utensils.

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