Descale It is a proprietary, concentrated solution based on phosphoric and nitric acid. It dissolves lime-scale and corrosion products such as rust but has minimal effect on the base materials of fabrication.

The scale found in kettles and boilers is largely composed of calcium and magnesium carbonates which are formed and precipitated out of solution as the water is boiled.

The Descale It dissolves this lime-scale fairly rapidly causing it to fizz as carbon dioxide is given off. The scale tends to disintegrate into smaller particles before finally dissolving, allowing it to be flushed away. There are nearly always some particles which refuse to dissolve but which can be flushed away.

The scale found as water spots or at poolside changing rooms for example is more difficult to remove because it contains much less carbonate. It contains a mixture of calcium and magnesium sulphates, chlorides and bicarbonates.

Descale It is based on phosphoric and nitric acid so the products of the descaling are soluble salts, non-toxic and non-tainting.

For Kettles and Small Boilers:

Fill the kettle or boiler with cold water and add Descale It. Leave for 30 minutes to an hour depending on the amount of scale, then flush out with clean water.

For Dishwashers or Systems with Circulation Pipework:

Add Descale It as a solution in water and run a wash cycle with cold water. Follow with a cold water rinse cycle.

Always follow de-scaling with a water rinse.

It is advisable to attach labels to machines which are being de-scaled or move them to a non-operational area, to avoid the risk of the Descale It solution being used.

Notes: If dishwashers and boilers are in constant or frequent use it will be beneficial to install a water softener. This will eliminate the need for periodic de-scaling.

Also, by using generous doses of dish wash detergent the need for de-scaling of the dishwasher can be reduced where the water is heated in the machine itself rather than by hot water feed.

Limitations of use: Descale NP is based on phosphoric and nitric acid and is suitable for de-scaling equipment made of stainless steel or copper. Caution should be exercised in using Descale NP on aluminium, brass and zinc as extended exposure may result in attack, depending on the use concentration, for these metals.

Do not leave the concentrated product in contact with stainless steel for long periods as pitting could eventually occur.


Anywhere where there are dishwashers, kettles or boilers, restaurants, cafes, kitchens, catering facilities; hard water deposits or rust stains.

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