DEGREASE IT is a strongly alkaline detergent concentrate designed to remove the wide variety of soiling found in food handling situations.


It can be used to effectively clean walls and floors. It is also used to clean heavily soiled articles by immersion and soaking in a tank or deep sink.


DEGREASE IT is highly concentrated and is always used diluted with water. The product is not toxic or harmful but it is a strong alkali so it is recommended that cleaned surfaces are rinsed with water to remove any traces of caustic residues.


Areas of use include food processing areas, butcher shops, bakeries, abattoirs, dairies, restaurants and cafes, university halls of residences (facilities), kitchens and canteens, cooked meat manufacturers and bacon curers, and egg & poultry packers.

By tank immersion:
Make up the cleaning solution in a tank
(sink or bucket) and immerse articles to be cleaned. Depending on the soiling, leave soaking until all soil is loosened and can be rinsed away. Ensure that all other workers are aware of the contents of the tank. Use hot or cold water. Hot solutions will clean more quickly, but if there is time for overnight soaking then cold solutions will get just as a good result.

Mop and Bucket:
Suitable for cleaning floors. Use warm water if available but cold water is also effective. Apply the diluted product using a mop which has been soaked in the cleaning solution then wrung to almost dry (damp mopping). For stubborn soiling allow a little more solution into the mop and work into the floor to loosen dirt. Dry with the wrung out mop.

By Trigger Sprayer:
Spray the diluted product onto the surface or item to be cleaned. Allow a few seconds for the cleaning solution to penetrate into the grease, then wipe the surface dry using paper wiping material. Follow with a water rinse to remove any caustic residues. 

Caution: must be exercised when spraying DEGREASE IT solutions through a trigger sprayer, because a highly atomized spray can cause irritation to skin on arms and face if carelessly used, especially in a draughty environment. The spray pattern should be adjusted to a narrow spray. Impermeable rubber, nitrile, or PVC gloves and goggles must be worn when handling DEGREASE IT solutions.

By Hand Swabbing: Apply the diluted product from a bowl or bucket using a cloth or sponge, wiping over the surface to break down dirt and grease.

Remove excess cleaning solution with paper wiper and follow with a water rinse to remove alkaline residues. Wipe dry with cloth or paper wiper. Impermeable gloves and goggles must be worn when handling this product.

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