Decarbonize It is a powerful carbon remover intended for professional use only. It is a strong alkaline concentrate that is highly effective at dealing with burnt-on grease, smoke and carbon deposits. Decarbonize It is ideal for cleaning ovens, smoke ovens, grills, griddles and fryers. It is also used for cleaning steel canopies, curing trays and smoke racks. Decarbonize It is highly concentrated and should always be used diluted.

When operating a busy kitchen catering for hundreds of customers a day, pans and equipment get covered with burnt-on grease. Cleaning it off takes up precious time that could be better used elsewhere.

Decarbonize It contains potassium hydroxide – a powerful alkali – and therefore has a high pH. It also contains wetting and emulsifying agents to help penetrate rapidly into the burnt on-soiling. Decarbonize It is not toxic but it is a strong alkali, so cleaning solutions need to be rinsed away after use to remove any caustic residues.

Trigger Spray:

Spray the diluted product onto the surface to be cleaned. Allow the cleaning solution to penetrate into the grease, then wipe the surface clean using paper towels. Follow with a water rinse to remove any caustic residues. Caution must be exercised when spraying Decarbonize It solutions through a trigger sprayer, because the highly atomized spray can cause irritation to skin on arms and face if carelessly used, especially in a draughty situation. The spray pattern should be adjusted to narrow spray. Impermeable rubber, nitrile, or PVC gloves and goggles must be worn when handling Decarbonize It solutions.

Hand Swabbing:

Apply the diluted product from a bowl or bucket using a cloth or sponge, wiping over the surface to break down dirt and grease. Gloves and goggles must be worn. Follow with a clean water rinse and wipe dry with paper towels.

By Tank Immersion:

Make up the cleaning solution in a tank (sink or bucket) and immerse articles to be cleaned. Depending on the soiling leave soaking until all soil is loosened and can be rinsed away. Ensure that other workers are aware of the contents of the tank.


For optimum economy and performance we recommend that cleaning solutions are prepared using automatic dilution equipment. If auto-dosing is not available a stork (or pelican) pump can be placed into a 5 litre bottle of the concentrate and a single press of the pump delivers 28ml of product into trigger bottle. When topped up to 588ml this gives a working solution at 1:20 dilution. The same pump can be used for making a bowl or bucket of cleaning solution. 2 squirts of the pump delivers 56ml concentrate into bowl or bucket and this can be made up to 5.6 litres to obtain a dilution of 1:100.


All food processing areas, butcher shops, bakeries, dairies, restaurants and cafes, University halls of residence (facilities), kitchens and canteens.

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