CFIA approved highly concentrated liquid Chlorine/Alkali-based detergent containing an excellent chelator package to optimize the cleaning performance to lift and remove heavy milk deposits from CIP milking systems and bulk tank surfaces.

Heavy Duty C.I.P. Detergent is a highly concentrated, phosphate-free, liquid chlorinated alkaline pipeline and bulk tank cleaner designed to work in large systems and a wide range of water types.

– Provides excellent cleaning performance at low cost-per-use concentrations.

– Non-phosphate sequestration system holds water hardness, minerals, iron, and milk soil in suspension to prevent scale and soil deposits in pipelines and milk tanks.

– Contains caustic soda to break down milk fats.

– Chlorinated formula provides thorough dissolving of milk protein soils from milking equipment.

– Well-balanced formulation makes Dairy Star Heavy Duty C.I.P. Detergent an excellent choice for any size milking system or milk tank.

– Non-foaming formulation rinses quickly leaving no residues when used as directed.

– Environmentally friendly non-phosphate formula is biodegradable and dissipates in sanitary systems.

– Safe to use. Non-corrosive to stainless steel, glass, plastic, and rubber parts when used as directed.

– Highly concentrated liquid detergent.

– Ideally formulated for automated liquid dispensing CIP systems.

– Effective hypochlorite (chlorine) and chelator package

– Low foam detergent, thus resulting in a more effective cleaning cycle.

– Extremely effective for both low and high water hardness levels (up to 25 grains).

– Phosphate-free detergent

For cleaning pipelines and milk tanks.

1) After milking or as soon as tank is empty, circulate warm (95-110oF, 35-43°C) water through the system and divert to drain.

2) Add this product to hot (160°F, 71°C) water at a rate of 2 1/2 ml to each liter of water. Consult your
Dimachem Representative for specific dilution recommendations to ensure proper use and performance of this product.

3) Circulate wash solution for 10 minutes and drain quickly.

Avoid C.I.P. solution temperatures below 120°F (49°C) to prevent soil redeposition.

4) Follow with an acid rinse and drain thoroughly.

5) Sanitize prior to milking according to local health department regulations.

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