DAIRY ALKALI CIP is a CFIA approved highly concentrated liquid Alkali-based detergent containing an excellent chelator package to optimize the cleaning performance to lift and remove heavy milk deposits from CIP milking systems and bulk tank surfaces without the use of chlorine.

– Highly concentrated liquid detergent.

– Ideally formulated for automated liquid dispensing CIP systems.

– Effective chelator package – Can be used as is and incorporated with our HYDROGEN PEROXIDE FOOD GRADE 35% or with our DIN-approved EZ GUARD CHLORINE 12 for heavier cleaning situations.

– Will not degrade rubber components like chlorine-based products.

– Will not corrode stainless steel like chlorine-based products.

Low foam detergent, thus resulting in a more effective cleaning cycle.

– Extremely effective for low and high water hardness levels (up to 25 grains).

– Phosphate-free detergent

1. RINSE: Immediately after milking, prepare for in-place cleaning, rinse thoroughly with clean warm water (43-60°C).

2. WASH: Circulate a 71-76°C solution of 2.5 mL/L for 6-10 minutes. For heavier cleaning, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE FOOD GRADE 35% (400PPM) OR DIN-approved EZ GUARD CHLORINE 12% (200PPM) should be used.

3. ACID RINSE: Circulate a solution of Descale NP as directed on the label.

4. SANITIZE: Just prior to milking, circulate a solution of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE FOOD GRADE 35% (400PPM) OR DIN-approved EZ GUARD CHLORINE 12% (200PPM) as directed on the label. Food contact surfaces are to be rinsed thoroughly with potable water after treatment. Avoid contamination of food during application and storage.

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