DAIRY ALKALI CIP ROBOT is a CFIA-approved highly concentrated Liquid non-chlorinated alkaline detergent that is specifically formulated for cleaning robotic milking systems.

– Highly concentrated liquid detergent.

– Ideally formulated for automated liquid dispensing CIP systems.

– Effective chelator package

– Can be used as-is and or incorporated with our HYDROGEN PEROXIDE FOOD GRADE 35% or with our DIN APPROVED EZ GUARD CHLORINE 12 for heavier cleaning situations.

– Will not degrade rubber components like chlorine-based products.

– Will not corrode stainless steel like chlorine-based products.

– Low foam detergent, thus resulting in a more effective cleaning cycle.

– Extremely effective for both low and high water hardness levels (up to 25 grains).

– Phosphate-free detergent


Rinse thoroughly with clean warm water (43-60°C).

2. WASH:

Circulate a 71-76°C solution of 2.5 mL/L for 6-10 minutes. For heavier cleaning, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE FOOD GRADE 35% (400PPM) or DIN approved EZ GUARD CHLORINE 12% (200PPM) can be used.

Additional notes:

– Robotic milking systems should be cleaned 3 to 4 times daily.

– Cleaning should be alternated between Dairy Alkali Robot CIP and DESCALE IT (2 detergents, 1 acid or 3 detergents, 1 acid depending on setup).

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