Chromic acid is a powerful oxidizing agent, which leads to a variety of uses in organic syntheses and in the bleaching of oils, fats and waxes. Chromic acid is used in the manufacture of other chromium compounds and as an analytical reagent.

Chromic Acid Flakes are a high-purity crystalline product for use in chromium plating, metal passivation, aluminum anodization and wood preservation applications. It can also be used in the production of chromate conversion compounds, bright dips, pigments and catalysts.

The two main types of chromium electroplating are decorative and functional. Decorative chromium plating is usually applied as a very thin layer to articles that have been nickel plated and is used for plumbing fixtures, automobile accessories, domestic appliances, etc., imparting a bright shiny finish. Functional or “hard” chromium plate is applied in much thicker layers and gives an extremely hard, corrosion-resistant surface with a low coefficient of friction. Hard chrome plating finds use in piston rings, engine cylinders, inspection and cutting tools and metalworking machinery. The finish is usually dull. Electrodeposition of chromium from solutions containing chromic acid is also used in the manufacture of pure chromium metal for incorporation in creep-resistant high-temperature alloys.

Chromic acid is used in the anodizing of aluminum. The extremely thin layer of oxide, which gives the aluminum metal its resistance to corrosion, is thickened by anodic oxidization using the chromic acid solution as the electrolyte. The coatings obtained are semi-opaque and gray in colour. They are capable of being dyed to give a very pleasing finish. They also provide a good base for the application of paint and other organic finishes.

Chromate or dichromate ions are widely used in the metal finishing field to impart corrosion resistance. Conversion coatings, chromate containing films of oxide, are formed on metal surfaces by using sodium dichromate, potassium dichromate or chromic acid. Chromic acid solutions are also used for sealing phosphate coatings applied to iron or steel to improve their corrosion resistance. Other applications in the metal finishing field include its use for bright dipping of brass and acid cleaning of aluminum and magnesium.


Chromic acid is a hexavalent chromium compound, and contact with it, either in the solid or solution form, should be avoided. In case of contact, flush thoroughly with water. For eyes, give prolonged irrigation with water, and get medical attention immediately. 

This product should be stored in a cool, dry place. It is a powerful oxidizing agent and may cause a fire if it comes in contact with readily oxidizable or combustible matter.

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