CHLORINE SANI IT is an 8% active chlorine bleach cleaner and a fast-acting stain-removing agent. CHLORINE SANI IT can be used as a chlorine sanitizer on applicable dish machines from floors and work surfaces and is excellent on Formica and stainless steel.

CHLORINE SANI IT is suitable for cleaning hard floors such as tiles and vinyl. Wring out the mop to near dryness and mop over the floor. For especially stained floors wet mop and dry with the wrung-out mop.

Always discard the solution after use.

CHLORINE SANI IT is not suitable for use on carpets or soft furnishings as it is likely to affect the dye in these materials.

Hard surface sterilization of all food processing areas such as butchers, bakeries, dairies, restaurants, caf├ęs, university halls of residence (facilities), kitchens and canteens. Place the chemical line from the dish machine into a container and contact Dimachem for proper calibration.

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