CHLORINE SANI 12 is a strongly concentrated sanitizer for algae and bacteria control. It is a sodium hypochlorite-based product, which is used in open recirculating systems such as cooling towers and air washers.

CHLORINE SANI 12 has sanitizing properties that will effectively eliminate all microbiological activity. It is an environmentally friendly, ready-to-use product. CHLORINE SANI 12 is CFIA approved for use in establishments under the authority of the agency.

CHLORINE SANI 12 should be fed as a shock treatment at regular intervals. It is added directly in the tower basin or into the recirculating pumps by means of any proportional dosage equipment. The dosage varies between 1 and 4 ppm, adjusted with respect to a microbiological activity or to the specific requirements of the treated system. Consult with a Dimachem Technical Representative to achieve the system’s best results.

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