BACTIZYME CLEAN is a biological cleaner containing a blend of bacteria together with surface active agents. The bacteria are specially selected strains of bacillus which produce enzymes to digest organic soils, greases and malodours. Simplified, this means the bacteria release enzymes which break down and eliminate the source of the smells.

BACTIZYME CLEAN is used in kitchens and food processing areas where it digests fats, greases and oils and brings the non-slip back to Altro, ceramic tiled and quarry-tiled floors.


BACTIZYME CLEAN is used to damp-mop floors in high-traffic public areas. Regular use of biological cleaning products such as BACTIZYME CLEAN ultimately makes cleaning easier as more soil-digesting bacteria can remove soils from small crevices and corners where they build up.

The soiled area must be kept damp (bacteria require a minimum of 15% moisture to work). “If the surface dries, the action dies”. Leave for at least 1 hour to allow action to take place. Heavier soils may require a longer period.

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