From time to time, we have all suffered from the frustrating occurrence of having a drain blocked, which is usually caused by a build-up of organic debris, such as plant-based material, protein, starch-based waste and the usual suspects, fats, oils and greases, all of which can prove troublesome in the drain environment. Inevitably, unless treated, the build-up increases, with the usual effect of creating malodorous and of course, the unpleasant sight of an overflowing drain. Once the problem has been identified, the next course of action has historically been to apply toxic chemicals, in the form of strong-acting bleach, a known chemical brand or caustic soda, which is not only harmful to the environment but is also often added in great abundance, causing even greater problems to the drain network.

BACTIZYME BIO-FLUSH is a drain unblocker that uses non-chemical and environmentally friendly bacteria and enzymes to break down organic waste.

BACTIZYME BIO-FLUSH is a bacterial technology and ultimate solution which completely centres around the production of “enzymes”, which, simply put, are ‘biological digesters’. Enzymes work by breaking apart large complex compounds, known as ‘substrates’ into smaller, more easily absorbed nutrients that bacteria can absorb. Each enzyme is designed to unlock and break down a specific food source and therefore, a specific bacteria is required to produce the required enzyme and this is true of BACTIZYME BIO-FLUSH.

BACTIZYME BIO-FLUSH is supplied in ready-to-use format and should be dosed in drains last thing at night. For best results pour a few litres of warm water into the drain prior to adding a 500ml shot of the product. Ideally, no further water should be poured down the drain following application.

After the overnight dosing, a further few litres of warm water should be poured down the drain to flush clear any loosened organic matter. To help maintain a trouble-free drain BACTIZYME BIO-DRAIN should be used on a regular basis.

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