BACTIZYME BIO-BREEZE is a natural biological treatment that offers a dual solution for outdoor toilets. Its ability to degrade organic matter and eliminate odors through the power of beneficial bacteria makes it an effective and environmentally friendly choice. With its user-friendly application and sustainable approach, BACTIZYME BIO-BREEZE helps create cleaner and more pleasant outdoor toilet environments.

In all parts of the world, the use of safe and hygienically friendly toilets is not always possible and in certain environmental conditions, may result in more basic facilities. Nevertheless, whatever toilet application is used, it is essential that they overcome the basic principle of having a toilet that is free from infestation and bad odours. Historically, the outdoor toilet has either used toxic chemicals or in many cases, nothing at all.

BACTIZYME BIO-BREEZE’s bacterial technology completely centres around the production of “Enzymes”, which, simply put, are ‘biological digesters’. Enzymes work by breaking apart large complex compounds, known as ‘substrates’, i.e. human waste into smaller compounds, more easily absorbed by the bacteria. Each Enzyme is designed to unlock and break down a specific food source and therefore, a specific bacteria is required to produce the required enzyme and this is true of “Bio-Breeze”.

BACTIZYME BIO-BREEZE is a specialized biological treatment for degrading organic matter in outdoor toilets. The product contains free enzymes to kick-start the digestion of waste material, and naturally occurring microbes to continue the enzymatic breakdown. This process helps to reduce malodours in and around the toilet areas. The product also contains a pleasant fragrance to deter pests and to leave the toilet smelling pleasant, until the bacterial population is established.

Stand-alone Toilet:

Apply an initial dosage of 500ml, followed by 250ml per week until evidence of organic matter reduction.

Toilet Connected to a Holding Tank:

Apply a 500ml ‘seed’ dosage up to 1000ml and then apply 250ml weekly.

Trailer Holding Tank:

Apply a 100ml dosage for each weekly dump cycle. In either case, should the organic matter’s degradation occur faster, reduce the dosing to once every 2 weeks.

AREAS OF USE: All outdoor toilets.


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