Detection of Bacteria & Fungi

BACTERIA STICKS( B-F Indicator) are practical tools for determining the presence of harmful microorganisms common in manufacturing environments. Left unchecked, these microorganisms can negatively affect the properties, performance, and overall quality of finished products and shorten expected shelf-life. Most importantly, monitoring product quality significantly reduces the likelihood that consumers will come in contact with harmful microorganisms. 


Each package contains 10 dip slides. These should be stored in darkness at room temperature. The shelf life is printed on every package.

SDS Sheet
Tariff Code: 382219

BACTERIA STICKS(B-F Indicator) help indicate the presence and type of destructive microorganisms and offer a simple means for estimating microbe population density.

Practical tool for determining the presence of harmful microorganisms common to manufacturing environments.


  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Yeast

1. Lift the lid and take out the slide attached to the lid. Do not touch the agar surfaces. 

2. Taking samples:

A: Liquids:
Dip the slide into the test medium for 5-10 seconds, then take it out and allow excess liquid to drip off thoroughly. Tap the bottom edge of the slide on clean filter paper or tissue.

B: Surfaces/powders:
Using a sterile swab, apply a streak on the agar surface. A separate streak is required for each agar surface. For easily accessible surfaces, press each agar on the surface for 5-10 seconds.

3. Plug the slide back into the tube.

4. Label the tube with medium tested, date, and test location (self-adhesive labels are provided in the package).

5. Incubation time for tubes standing upright:

In the incubator (27-30°C)
Bacteria: 1-2 days

Yeast and fungi: 3 days

At room temperature (20°C)
Bacteria: 2-3 days

Yeast and fungi: 4-5 days

6. Evaluate the dip slides by comparing them with the diagrams.

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