ARSENAZO III DYE SOL’N (83029) is a versatile laboratory reagent specifically designed for various applications in the field of testing and analysis. This solution is formulated to be compatible with a wide range of pretreatment lines, making it an ideal choice for laboratories seeking a universal reagent for their testing needs.

With its precise formulation, ARSENAZO III DYE SOL’N (83029) offers reliable and consistent results in a variety of general testing procedures. Whether it’s used for qualitative or quantitative analysis, this dye solution exhibits excellent performance characteristics, ensuring accurate and reproducible outcomes.

Stripping of cold-rolled steel ( CRS) and zinc-coated steels ( EZG, HIA, and HDG). This method is NOT suitable for any aluminum substrates. 

Procedure for Stripping: 

1. Fill the l00mL graduated cylinder with the 6.0N HCL solution to the lO0mL mark.

2. Place the Rubbermaid stripping tray on a flat surface.

3. Poor the l00mL of 6.0N HCL into the stripping tray.

4. Gently place the 4 x 8 Zircobond panel into the stripping tray filled with 100 mL of 6.0N HCL stripping solution. Caution: heat will be generated when the panel enters the stripping solution.

5. Set the stopwatch/timer to 5 minutes.

6. For zinc-coated panels ( EZG, HIA, HDG etc … ) no further mechanical action is needed to strip the panel.

7. For cold-rolled steel coated panels ( CRS) a stainless steel brush should be used to gently scrub the panel as it’s submerged in the stripping solution.

8. For ALL substrates, after 2.5 minutes in the stripping solution the panel should be carefully turned over to facilitate the stripping of both sides of the panel completely. Again, for cold-rolled steel coated panels ( CRS ) a rubber policeman should be used to gently scrape the panel as it’s submerged in the stripping solution.

9. Once the 5 minutes of stripping is complete gently remove the panel from the stripping solution and let the stripping solution, still on the panel, drip off into the stripping tray ( 30 seconds ).

10. DO NOT add anything further to the stripping solution in the stripping tray. This stripping solution will be used, as is, for testing the Zr level on the Hach DR890.

11. The stripping solution can be placed in an appropriate bottle for retain, or the sample used for testing can be taken directly from the stripping tray.

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