BactiZyme Odour Eliminator Pro is concentred, unique blend of bacteria and enzymes that eliminates bad odours from kitchen and waste bins. BactiZyme Odour Eliminator Pro is all natural, environmentally friendly and removes the need for harsh chemicals.

Whether in a kitchen at home or work, there is nothing more displeasing than encountering an unpleasant waste odour. Strong waste odours in refuse bins do not invoke a positive impression in your guest’s minds, no matter the source. Although relatively easy to identify, the solution has usually resulted in the application of harsh, unfriendly chemicals and if left untouched can become a serious health hazard to those in close proximity. Eliminating the odour source ensures a pleasant experience for your neighbours, patrons and guests.

BactiZyme technology centres on the use of enzymes and their biological factories (naturally occurring, non- pathogenic bacteria.) The enzymes are “biological digesters.” They work by breaking apart large complex compounds into smaller compounds that can then be used by bacteria as a food source. Nature has designed enzymes to unlock and breakdown a specific food source, allowing us to find the best combination for the desired application. BactiZyme Odour Eliminator Pro is an effective, enzymatic preparation for breaking down protein-based deposits in bins. By using ‘competitive exclusion’ (similar to how probiotics convey dietary health benefits), the product blocks the growth of pathogenic (disease causing), odour causing bacteria.

When food spoils in a bin, the non-pathogenic microbes in BactiZyme Odour Eliminator Pro multiply very rapidly and in doing so, eliminate the food source of the much slower growing pathogenic bacteria. With the prevention of their growth, malodours that accompany pathogenic bacteria colonies are also prevented.


Kitchen bins: Spray liberally into the bin (or bag if used) at the start of use and repeat as the bin is filled. Prior to emptying the bin, or sealing the bag, spray liberally and then transfer to the outside waste bins. Bactizyme Odour Eliminator Pro is typically diluted to 10:1 with water and applied by spray to the affected area. For severe odours use neat or diluted 1:1.

Waste bins: Spray liberally into the empty bins, prior to use. Once the waste bin is full and has been emptied, repeat the process. Should any free food waste be placed into the bin, or any kitchen bags ruptured, spray liberally to ensure sufficient active solution is available (particularly in the heat of summer).

BactiZyme Odour Eliminator Pro is a biological cleaning product and performs best at pH close to neutral. There is some tolerance to pH (between pH 4 and 10) but excessive alkaline or acidic conditions will kill the bacteria.

BactiZyme Odour Eliminator Pro is not compatible with bleach. Bleach will kill the bacteria and stop it functioning. Bleach solution should, therefore, not be used in bins that are being treated with BactiZyme Odour Eliminator Pro.

MAKING THE SOLUTION:For treating severely contaminated surfaces, use ready to use or diluted 1:1 with water.


Where heavier dilutions are required we recommend the use of a pump up dispenser mounted on top of a 5L bottle of BactiZyme Odour Eliminator Pro. This allows for a measured dose of BactiZyme Odour Eliminator Pro to be dispensed into the spray bottle. The required amount of product and number of pumps is easily calculated.


For example, to make up 1L of solution at approximately 10:1 dilution , use 3 pumps per 1L water.


Cold or warm water up 40°C can be used. Temperatures above 45°C will kill the bacteria.


AREAS OF USEKitchen food waste bins, refuse bins in restaurants and catering facilities, outdoor waste bins, waste receptacles where odours are an issue.

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