BactiZyme Clean and Clean Plus are biological cleaners containing a blend of bacteria together with surface active agents. The bacteria are specially selected strains of bacillus which produce enzymes to digest organic soils, greases and mal-odours. Simplified, this means the bacteria release enzymes which break down and eliminate the source of the smells.

BactiZyme Clean is used in kitchens and food processing areas where it digests fats, greases and oils and brings the non-slip back to Altro, ceramic tiled and quarry tiled floors.

BactiZyme Clean is used to damp-mop floors in high traffic public areas. Regular use of biological cleaning products such as BactiZyme Clean ultimately makes cleaning easier as more soil digesting bacteria can remove soils from small crevices and corners where they build up.

BactiZyme Clean Plus is used to clean washroom areas, particularly floors where urine can permeate causing unpleasant smells. The bacteria in BactiZyme Clean Plus will remove the stains and eliminate the odours.

In spas and recreation centres, BactiZyme Clean Plus is used in changing rooms, showers and poolside to safely combat body fats, grime and lime scale.

Stables and kennels use BactiZyme Clean Plus to effectively control the urine odour.

BactiZyme Clean and Clean Plus are environmentally friendly products. The bacteria are naturally occurring and have been selectively grown to enhance their production of specific enzymes.

The surfactants are also biodegradable and the product presents no environmental hazards.

The soiled area must be kept damp (bacteria require a minimum of 15% moisture to work). “If the surface dries, the action dies”. Leave for at least 1 hour to allow action to take place. Heavier soils may require a longer period.

For Hard Surfaces: BactiZyme Clean

Floors: Make up the cleaning solution in a bucket and damp mop over the floor. There is no need to rinse as the product will continue to digest dirt and grease as the floor dries. For restaurant floors, clean the floors as the last operation of the day. Do not wipe up the solution to allow it to continue to work.

Other hard surfaces: Make up the cleaning solution in a bucket and damp swab with a sponge or cloth. The solution can also be applied through a trigger sprayer – spray on and wipe off.

For Washrooms: BactiZyme Clean Plus

Spray the urinal and the surrounding area liberally through a trigger sprayer. Application of BactiZyme Clean Plus into the urinals daily and mopping the floors around the urinals, in washroom stalls and sink areas will safely remove calcium and uric scale deposits on the floors.

As there is also a residual activity, long after the floors and surfaces have dried the bacteria will continue to remove the deposits. Over time, grout lines or tiles

will begin to reveal their original colours and any deeply permeated odours will also be removed safely. For horse stables and kennels, use a trigger sprayer and spray the BactiZyme Clean Plus solution directly onto the urine. Lift any rubber mats and spray underneath.

For Soft Surfaces: BactiZyme Clean

Carpets, floorboards and upholstery: Remove as much heavy soiling as possible. Spray BactiZyme Clean solution over the surface, ensuring that complete wetting has taken place.


For treating severely contaminated surfaces, use ready to use or diluted 1:1 with water.

Where heavier dilutions are required we recommend the use of a pump up dispenser mounted on top of a 5 litre bottle of BactiZyme Clean. This allows for a measured dose of 30ml BactiZyme Clean to be dispensed into the bucket. The required amount of product and number of pumps is easily calculated.

For example, to make up 5 litres of cleaning solution at approximately 30:1 dilution use 5 or 6 pumps per 5 litres of water.

Cold or warm water up 40°C can be used. Temperatures above 45 °C will kill the bacteria. These are biological cleaning products that perform best at pH close to neutral. There is some tolerance to pH (between pH 4 and 10) but excessive alkaline or acidic conditions will kill the bacteria.

These products are not compatible with bleach. Bleach will kill the bacteria and stop it from functioning


– Floors in washroom, change rooms and shower areas.

– Floors in restaurants and catering facilities, especially where slippery floors cause falls.

– Walls and other hard surfaces.

– Carpets and upholstery in care homes.

– Stables and kennels.


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