BactiZyme Bio-Max (Fast) contains specially selected bacterial strains to digest cellulose, fat, oils, greases, proteins and starch through enzymatic metabolism in wastewater treatment.

BactiZyme Bio Max (Fast)’s primary application is in sewage pumping stations, wet wells, grease traps and other low oxygen environments where unpleasant odours and unhygienic conditions are considered a problem and are typically treated with aggressive chemicals or mechanical removal.

BactiZyme Bio-Max (Fast) eliminates FOG’s (fats, oils and greases) and therefore keeps the drains clear, ensuring pumping stations are left working at maximum efficiency.

BactiZyme Bio-Max (Fast) also helps eliminate other organic matter that causes water discolouration and smells that may arise in a water system from different sources.

Overall, BactiZyme Bio-Max (Fast) not only penetrates the dosing area but due to the ability for its bio-film to spread, it affects the whole infrastructure of the drainage/water system.

BactiZyme Bio-Max (Fast) bio-films are more effective than other conventional chemicals or other enzyme-based products. The bio-films continuously produce a renewable supply of highly active enzymes for fat and grease degradation. The bio-film adheres to the drainage systems walls and is highly resistive to cleaning fluids and other chemicals and therefore provides long-lasting protection.

Using BactiZyme Bio-Max (Fast) will also reduce the number of vermin (rats, cockroaches, mice) in these locations as the product removes/digests their food source.

BactiZyme Bio-Max (Fast) is easy to install by connecting the hook to a chain or rope and lowering it into the wet well. Consider installing both 1 BactiZyme Bio-Max and 1 BactiZyme Bio-Max Fast Dissolving block for first-time setups. BactiZyme Bio-Max should last up to 3 to 4 months, depending on the location of the block in the tank.