Dust control polymers reduce fugitive dust emission effectively and are

ideal for road construction, airfields, helipads in remote sites & more. 



Prevent fines from Air Quality Agencies and other agencies overseeing dust related issues. Reduce job cost with a one time application that can last years.


With a one time application there is no need to keep applying water to control dust.  With severe droughts effecting areas throughout the globe this is a simple cost effective solution.

Reduce Man Hours

A simple application will eliminate the need for a dedicated crew to control dust related issues onsite, such as watering and equipment breakdowns related to dust.


Fugitive dust emission can cause a number of issues on a job site including but not limited to; lack of visibility, respiratory related illness, and equipment malfunction.

Environmentally Friendly

Our line of dust control polymers are manufactured with the Environment in mind. They are safe to treat soils with and will not harm humans or wildlife.

We provide our customers with top-tier dust control and stabilization solutions for unpaved gravel surfaces.